5 Best Endless Runner Games For Android 2019

5 Best Endless Runner Games For Android 2019
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Endless runner games are all-time favorite games for us. Whenever we get bored or when we travel then these running games help us to spend our time.

Right? Well, if you are too an endless game lover, then be with us because we are going to discuss some best endless runner games for Android. These endless runner games are quite popular between children. Even some smartphone gives the pre-installed running game.

The best part about these endless running games is that it never ends until an obstacle stops the character. We have to pass every challenge in the game. It excites us to play more by challenging us to make a high score every time whenever we play the game. Well, There are many endless running games for Android 2019 are available on the Play Store. However, here we’ll discuss the five best endless runner games for Android. Let’s begin:

5 Best Endless Runner Games For Android 2019

Here are our recommended best endless runner games for Android device which you must play them once. These games are freely available to download. You may already played some of them. Well, let’s discover more:

5. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is one of the most popular and best endless runner games for Android. It is freely available on Play Store to download. However, there are in-app purchases available.

This game is more exciting as you play for a long time. You will get a new environment as you get a new level and play for a long time.


  • New environment and more rewards as the level ups.
  • Best for all time gamers.


  • Hard to get coins.

4. Subway Surfers

Well, you may have already listened about this game. Like, the Temple Run 2, this game is also similar to the previous one. However, in this game, there will be only one environment, i.e., railway track.

This game has many power boosters and other tools to use. You can also manage the look of the character as your choice. However, there will be in-app purchases in the game.


  • More things to discover in the game.
  • Additional features to use.


  • Only single surrounding.

3. Rail Rush

Rail Rush is quite popular endless runner game. In this game, the character runs on a railway track, and you have to save him from different obstacles.

The game has a good quality of graphics, and therefore it is loved by the gamers. The game is available on the Play Store to download. It is also available for Windows and another platform as well.


  • Good quality of graphics.
  • Adventure and fun.


  • You will get only one environment to play.

2. Lara Croft Relic Run

Lara Croft Relic Run is a fantastic endless runner game which is based on endless running and saving the character from dying. 

In beginning it quite similar to the Temple Run. However, the deep game levels and the different environment makes it unique. Well, the powerups and the other features are also available in the game.

Final, once you have played the game, you will fully enjoy it. The game is available on both platforms Android and iOS.


  • Different environment to play.
  • Free available to download.


  • You will be addicted to the game.

1. Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the most successful running games ever. Well, it is still quite popular and lovable. The game has 100M+ downloads on play store and has 4M+ reviews. You can now understand the popularity of this game.

The powerups and other features in the games make the game more exciting. The more you play more you’ll enjoy it. The best part is that this game is freely available to download on the play store and iOS.


  • Full of fun and adventure.
  • More features and characters to play.


  • Nothing yet.


Finally, these are our recommended best endless runner games for Android. If you love to play running games then choose above from the list, you will enjoy more. All the games are freely available to download. However, there may be in-app purchases in some of the games.